The Ancona School is an independent private progressive Montessori based school in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood

Powered by the Genius of Children

Located at 48th Street and the forefront of education, The Ancona School is an extraordinary community built on the genius of children. Our school is a transformational adventure that builds on the wonder inside young learners and teaches them how to soar. We challenge students to learn the academic and life skills they need to become engaged young learners and leaders of a new society they will help create. Our faculty looks to innovators and thought leaders to create a carefully guided exploration of the world through a challenging curriculum and a diverse, child-centered community.

Welcome to the Ancona School. A powerful education in thinking for life.

Application Process
Admissions Open House

Bulletin Board

Upcoming Events

August 14th
Last Day of Summer Program 
August 31st
Maria Montessori Birthday 
September 1st
Faculty Planning Days 
September 8th
New Parent Orientation  8:30 am to 9:30 am
New Student Orientation  1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
September 9th
First Day of School for K,1st, 3rd-8th Grades 
September 10th
Friday Day of School for 4 Year-Olds 
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