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1st and 2nd grade students become regular library patrons, checking out books weekly. Students begin honing their research skills with a collaborative unit between the library and art department on butterflies and moths. Students select a butterfly or moth to study. They create a large size butterfly or moth as part of their art education. This is a continuation of the classroom unit on Monarch butterflies.

Library resources support the many research-based projects in 3rd and 4th grade students engage in as they study various periods of American History. Students work to identify appropriate and reputable resources and develop questions to guide their research. 

Primary students learn how to look for information in nonfiction documents and how to use tables of contents (navigation menus), indexes, sidebars, information boxes, images and captions, and videos to find the desired information.

Over the course of the school year, Primary students add tools and tips to their research skills toolbox.

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