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Ancona is a leader in providing a thoughtful, experiential, and multicultural education to a diverse population of learners. Our population includes children with a diverse and complex array of educational needs. We support students according to their unique profiles in order to help them develop a strong academic foundation and to grow socially and emotionally. We are mindful of each child’s academic, emotional, and physical needs so that all of our students become confident and independent life-long learners. Within our diverse student body approximately twenty-five to thirty percent receive monitoring, support, and/or intervention for learning differences, emotional health (guidance and counseling) and physical health issues. As needs are identified, records are handled in a confidential manner and kept in a secure place. The Student Support Team consists of two Learning Resource Teachers, one for the Primary School and one for the Middle School, and a School Counselor. This team helps to provide identification, monitoring, remediation and strategies to provide success to students requiring academic, social and emotional support. The team works with teachers to observe students and to develop effective teaching strategies that blend diverse learners into classroom instruction, to provide resources that enhance student ability to learn, and to develop adaptations as needed to help individual children navigate varying classroom expectations. As noted below, students also receive inclusionary or pullout academic assistance. Collaboration with outside resources and parents is integral to the work of the team. At Ancona, we understand that the different and complex needs of young learners can only be met with multiple opportunities and approaches to learning. A central component in our educational approach, therefore, is the individualization we bring to each student’s instruction throughout the school day. Our Student Support Team works closely with teachers to ensure that each child’s unique learning profile is both understood and supported in our classrooms. When it comes to the all-important three R’s, the Student Support Team assists teachers in interpreting classroom assessments, and based on that information, helps to tailor the instruction for children who demonstrate a need for additional support during our reading, writing and math workshops. Additionally, members of the Student Support Team assist teachers in finding materials and developing modifications appropriate for particular students during science and social studies and during the time spent in multi-level classes. Often, suggestions and ideas that have been brought up for one particular child spark fruitful conversations resulting in modifications extending to many others in a class. In this way, the Student Support Team impacts the learning of every student in the school.
Ancona’s commitment to diversity extends to diverse learners as well as to students from diverse ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.

Teaching faculty and support staff work throughout the year to identify and meet the needs of our student body.

At the present time, we have a Student Support Team that consists of two learning resource teachers and a school counselor.
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