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From manipulation of the beautiful Montessori materials in the preprimary through in-depth studies of algebra and geometry in the Middle School, the math curriculum focuses on developing understanding and making mathematics meaningful. Developmentally appropriate, research-based curricula foster shared mathematical discourse. Using their developing mathematical sense, children at all grade levels engage in investigations in which they create and refine strategies and construct their own mathematical models to solve problems set in real-world contexts. As a result, they uncover increasingly complex patterns and relationships, and their fluency grows. Diverse insights and approaches shared in rich conversations further consolidate and extend their understanding. It is our belief that students develop fluency in mathematical computation when these skills are rooted in conceptual understanding. Therefore, we encourage and support the development of strategies and mathematical thinking while also introducing and reinforcing algorithms. Students practice math skills based in real-world contexts. Integrating their computational and analytical skills, they become elegant problem solvers. Math is utilized across the curriculum and seen as a tool for communication and creative expression. The process of mathematical discovery is integrated with other ways of knowing and understanding the world.
Ancona’s math program invites children into the creative process of viewing the world mathematically.

By “mathematizing” their world, they become creators rather than consumers of this mathematical knowledge.
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