Science & Engineering – Middle School (grades 5-8)

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5th and 6th grade science program focuses on the development of independent scientific reasoning. Students learn to keep organized notes, observations, and questions in their lab notebooks. They synthesize information gathered from research and hands-on experimentation to make scientific hypotheses and predictions. Through studies of the human body and the biochemistry of food, students connect scientific knowledge to their lives and learn to make healthy choices. Studying climate change and energy, students learn how scientific understanding evolves over time and make judgments about how scientific knowledge should shape national and global decisions. Finally, students apply these lessons by designing, carrying out, and presenting a research or experimental science fair project in our biannual science fair.

7th and 8th grade
Inquiry processes are central to student-designed investigations throughout the middle school years, as students use their interactions with the world to discover scientific principles and formulate scientific conclusions.

As students collect, organize and present scientific information, they come to understand that their work is a contribution to a body of scientific knowledge that may be used by others to formulate questions and test hypotheses.

In biannual science fairs, middle schoolers have an opportunity to research a topic of interest, to conduct an in-depth original investigation, to interact with working scientists and to present their findings to a panel of expert judges.
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