If your child’s birthday occurs during the school year (and most do!), you may want to have a celebration in his/her classroom. Birthday celebrations should be modest so as not to encourage competition among the children nor create undue pressures on parents with fewer financial resources. Your preprimary child’s teacher will plan special activities during “line time” on the day of his/her birthday, and you will be invited to participate.

You may want to provide a healthy snack and/or a beverage or ice cream. In the older classrooms, the teacher will create an appropriate time in the day for a celebration. Giving party gifts or favors to the children and hiring entertainers is not permitted.


Ancona is a secular school in which children of many religions and no religion attend. For that reason, the school does not celebrate particular religious holidays. As a feature of the multicultural curriculum, however, parents, especially of younger children, are often asked to share some important part of their ethnic and/or religious upbringing and practices with a class, and older students may study the history and beliefs of various religious groups. Children learn the music of different groups at appropriate times in the school year. If you are interested in sharing some aspect of your family’s beliefs and practices, please consult your child’s teacher. Please refrain from sending religious materials to school.