We understand how difficult it is when a child is sick. We will do our best to assess each child’s condition and use care when calling a parent to come pick up their child. The Ancona School follows State Licensing and Health Department guidelines for the preventing the spread of disease. It is imperative that we all work together to keep the children who will attend our school as healthy and happy as possible. We request that parents do not bring in a child who is unable to meet the demands of their daily schedule (including outdoor play) or who has exhibited signs of a contagious illness at home. The following is a list of things that will be checked:

SCALP        Itching, sores, cleanliness, lice

FACE          General appearance, expression, unusual color

EYES          Redness of eyelid lining, irritation, puffiness, squinting, frequent rubbing or, a sty, sensitivity to light,

EARS           Drainage, earache

MOUTH     Inside of mouth for redness, spots, sores

THROAT    Enlarged, red or irritated tonsils with/without white spots

CHEST       Frequent or severe coughing, wheezing, rattles (raspy breathing)

SKIN           Yellowish skin, unusual spots, rash, bumps, bruises, unusual injuries, and crusty, bright yellow, itching

FEVER       Feverish appearance & changes in behavior; fever of 101° F or higher

PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL IF THEY HAVE SYMPTOMS OF A COMMUNICABLE DISEASE! We are required to inform parents of exposure to communicable diseases listed on the Department of Health’s communicable disease chart. In order to conform to this policy, parents MUST inform administration within 24 hours when your child or a member of your household is diagnosed or exposed to communicable disease. Your name and your child’s name will be kept confidential, however we must post exposure notices on all classrooms where children may have been exposed to the communicable disease. If parents fail to inform us, we are unable to do our part to help prevent the spread of disease. If your child develops symptoms of a communicable disease while in our care, we will contact you immediately. Parents will need to pick up their child within one hour of being notified that your child is ill. Unfortunately, we will have to send your child home if he/she has one or more of the following symptoms:

  •      VOMITING
  •      DIARRHEA
  •      FEVER OF 101° F OR HIGHER

  Exclusion Policies/Medication If your child has been sent home from the Ancona School:

  •      They may not return until they have been vomit, diarrhea and fever free (without medication) for at least 24 hours.
  •      They may not return to school until they have been on an antibiotic for 24 hours or with a written statement from their doctor that the child
  •      With impetigo, he/she may not return to the Ancona School until all lesions have dried and a note from the physician advises them to return (usually 3-5 days).
  •      With chicken pox, he/she may not return until all scabs are dry.
  •      With head lice, he/she may not return until they have had one medicated shampoo treatment and are NIT FREE.
  •      With pink eye, he/she may not return to the Ancona School until they have been on the medication for 24 hours.
  •      With scabies, he/she may not return until six to twelve hours after their first medical treatment.

The Ancona School requires a doctor’s note stating your child does not have a communicable disease in order for them to return to school when they have been sent home with symptoms of communicable disease. MEDICATION Prescription medication will be given at the Ancona School only when medically necessary. When possible, have your physician adjust the medication schedule so that it can be taken at home. If this is not possible, we will give prescription medications providing they meet the following criteria:

  •      Medication must be in the original container, clearly labeled with a prescription label with the child’s name, specific times and specific amounts to be given and the expiration date (prescription medications CANNOT be shared between siblings)
  •      Refrigerated medications must be COLD when we receive it, or we cannot administer it during the day.

Children who are on long-term medication (Ritalin, Albuterol, etc.) will need a doctor’s note on file and parental permission, stating that their prescription is long term and to be given until further notice. Please make sure you get this form from our Main Office to take to your doctor. For any/all medications: the instructions for dosage must be consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions for age, duration, and dosage. If your pediatrician recommends higher doses than the manufacturer’s recommended use, we MUST have this in writing from the doctor.