Support every step of the way

THE STUDENT SUPPORT TEAM (SST) helps to support diverse learners according to their unique profiles within our mainstream classrooms. Ancona aims for an environment in which learners with varying needs are active participants in our dynamic curriculum, and the SST assists teachers in differentiating instruction so that students with a variety of learning profiles become life-long learners and confident risk takers.

The Team works collaboratively with classroom teachers to assess learning needs and to develop teaching strategies that effectively include students with learning differences. They provide direct instruction to students individually and in small groups—both within and outside the classroom—with the goal of teaching every student to be a self-advocate. The SST equips teachers and parents with resources to enhance student learning, and assists in developing adaptations to help individual children navigate classroom expectations. They serve as a resource to all teachers and parents within the school by assisting in observing and interpreting student interactions within classrooms, by interpreting information received from outside sources, and by discussing options open to families and children to address academic and social emotional needs.

To best serve our students, the Student Support Team may make referrals for additional outside evaluations from professionals such as speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and psychologists. The Team then helps families and teachers interpret diagnostic results, and works collaboratively with teachers to provide appropriate instruction, accommodations, or modifications based on diagnoses.  



  • Learning Specialists who work with students in 1st-8th grade with identified needs in listening, speaking, reading, writing, math, attention and organization. Students receive direct instruction from the Learning Specialists either outside of the classroom or within the classroom depending on the students’ needs and class schedule.
  • The School Counselor helps to maintain a positive social-emotional learning climate throughout the school.  He helps to develop strong friendship and conflict resolution skills in the children, and he supports children experiencing issues of loss and grief.  The counselor provides crisis intervention and short-term counseling for individual children and small groups.

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