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The abrupt arrival of cold weather and snow last week was a chilly reminder that the balmy days and beautiful foliage of fall are at an end, and the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner.
I imagine that for most of our families, Thanksgiving preparations are well underway. In our household, we are excited to be celebrating not only Thanksgiving, but also two engagements, one birthday and Chanukah, and we’re busy planning a feast that includes vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-intolerant options as well as figuring out how to squeeze a growing and increasingly diverse family around the not-growing table.
Every family has different traditions and different challenges for celebrating the holiday, but it offers each of us a moment to reflect upon the good fortune in our lives, to consider ways to share with those who have less and to give back to institutions that have meaning for us. IMG_0569 In our 1st/2nd grade classrooms, reflections on homelessness and poverty are taking new shape in the form of our coat drive. IMG_0550As I watch the boxes fill to overflowing in the Umeh Foyer, I am very moved by the generosity of our Ancona families. And when they deliver the coats to South Central Community Services ( and receive their appreciation, our children will learn what researchers tell us – that giving stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain. Giving feels good and makes us happy!image
Just as every family has its own Thanksgiving traditions, every family has its own charitable traditions. Some families make a habit of sitting down together to discuss philanthropy as a group and to decide on their contributions for the year. Others volunteer time at a soup kitchen or food pantry to help ensure that indigent people share in the bounty of the season. Many do both.
As families think about institutions that make a difference in their lives and that of others, I hope that you will join me in giving Ancona a prominent place on your lists. Because I believe so strongly in what we do here every day, I make Ancona my top philanthropic commitment. This year, we’ve set and ambitious $170,000 goal for our Annual Fund, and we are trying out a focused and time-limited Annual Fund Drive to ensure that Ancona provides that margin of excellence every day. Four weeks into it, we have made some remarkable progress. As of today, we are just over half way to our goal with $88,000 pledged or received. We started the drive with gifts from 20% of our parents who pledged through their enrollment contracts. Just three weeks later, participation is doubled at nearly 40%. Room 210 is already at 65% participation with Room 208 coming up right behind! We’re looking for some gift, of whatever amount, from every family to reach our 100% participation goal. And we’re looking for strong participation, as well, from all of those friends, alumni and former parents whose lives have been touched by Ancona.
We have just a couple of weeks left to reach our goals for the Annual Fund for the current fiscal year. If your family has a tradition of planning year-end giving, please consider adding Ancona School to your list of worthy charities. Although the “public phase” of the Annual Fund Campaign will be over as of Thanksgiving, we will be gratefully accepting donations right up to the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2014.
Your can make your gift now at right here.