Mexico Trip 2017

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Reflections from Oaxaca

Every Spring our 8th Grade students travel to Oaxaca, Mexico. At the end of their trip students reflect on their experience abroad. Here are some of their stories:

“This was my first time out of the country and I definitely think it has greatly changed my world view. I will never think of language the same way, people the same way, Chicago the same way and even the world in the same way…I am going to take my new world view to Chicago with me and hopefully use it to do good in my community. Even if it is something as seemingly small as clarifying a stereotype or telling stories of the things I saw and did in Mexico. ” –Valerie

“The first part [of the trip] was tiring but after I got into the swing of things I really had a feel for what was around me. I have never felt so comfortable speaking Spanish in my life.” – Malcolm

“[From the trip, I got] a new understanding of Mexico and Latin-American culture. You are only used to how things work in the U.S. but the history, the people, the culture is so different it really makes you think about what “normal” is. I will also be bringing back one of the greatest experiences of my life…and a sun burn.” –Loren

“My [home stay] family was by far the best part. They treated me as if I was one of their own. They also tailored meals just for me, which I really appreciated.” –Breanna

“This trip showed me how much I take for granted and it showed me how I should take every opportunity I get to improve myself.” –Ethan

“In Oaxaca I was able to see so many different lives and atmospheres. I was able to appreciate life even more. I saw Oaxaca as expressing yourself through color, music and hobbies.” – Ruby