Note from Nancy: Curriculum Night | February 8, 2018

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Dear Parents,

Yesterday evening we hosted an incredible Curriculum Night! Over 70 people were in attendance and of that number, almost half were prospective families. It was a wonderful evening filled with stimulating conversation and community building. Teachers made the learning visible through wonderful displays of student work and thoughtful presentations of our learning models. Parents shared with me how informative the event was in helping them understand teaching and learning at Ancona. 

Our prospective families were thrilled to meet teachers and parents alike—they engaged in wonderful discussions about the school, and expressed that they hoped to be with us next year. It was a challenge ushering attendants out at the close of the evening as everyone wanted to continue the conversations. 

As I have shared in previous messages and at different forums this year, one of our goals as a school is to continually improve communications with our families, particularly as they relate to learning. The theme continues to be visible learning.  As such, I have been hard at work planning a parent education series that will launch in a few short weeks! One of the primary goals of this initiative is to help parents navigate the different developmental stages of their children, and the respective challenges associated with these milestones. I look forward to sharing more information with you, and hearing from each of you, what else you would like to see as a part of this initiative. 

We have so many wonderful things happening here at Ancona, and I’m excited about all that is to come. Thank you all for your continued partnership.