17 12, 2021

Ducks come calling

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We’ve been fortunate to have numerous animal guests over the years. Recently, Ancona sixth grader Marie Benson brought three of her pet ducks to the garden for a one-day residency.

Nearly every student in the school came out to meet and feed them, and some came multiple times. We learned about ducks as a species, bird care basics, and the difference between domestic animals and wild ones.

Thanks to Marie for her vision and persistence and to her dad Steve for helping make it happen.

17 12, 2021

And the pumpkins go smash

By |2021-12-17T09:34:08-06:00December 17th, 2021|Ancona Farm News|0 Comments

One of our favorite fall traditions is to collect pumpkins from Ancona families and neighbors for composting. They’re a huge amount of biomass that would otherwise go to waste!

First, though, we give them a good a smashing so they’ll decay faster.

For a live-action look, download this nine-second video. It’s well worth the time!


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