Chicken change in 2022

By |2022-03-29T09:38:40-06:00March 29th, 2022|Ancona Farm News|0 Comments

For the past four springs, we have hosted chickens in the Ancona garden. That will change in 2022, when we’ll take a chicken break, at least for the spring.
In the past, we’ve relied on 7-10 regular, non-teacher volunteers to care for the hens on weekends, holidays, and summer weeks when Ancona staff aren’t around. Those volunteers have dwindled. Without them, teachers end up coming to school every day to feed the hens. It’s too much to ask with all the extra efforts teachers are making.
So it will be good to have a spring without chickens to rethink priorities. Maybe it’s time to reinvest the time and energy into another animal or crop. Several parents and students have expressed interest in growing mushrooms.
If you’d like to help with the school garden, or have ideas about hosting critters, please reach out to Chris, .