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Online Contract Mechanics

Yes. In order for a student contract to be completed, all parents must sign, and the deposit must be made. This is a change from past practice beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

Parents who are not legal guardians of their child will not receive an electronic contract.

All legal guardians will receive 2 emails simultaneously on February 15 (for returning students), one email with a link to the online contract, the other with a link to the deposit invoice. We send to the email address that we have on file — the same address at which you should be receiving regular newsletters.

Note that the system prevents the invoice from being paid until all legal guardians have completed and signed the contract.

Either parent, or even a 3rd party can pay the invoice, which accepts both credit card and ACH (electronic check) payments. Simply forward the email to a 3rd party who is paying the deposit as needed (just be sure all parents/guardians have signed the contract first).

The system prevents the invoice from being paid until all parents/guardians have completed and signed the contract. It also automatically prevents the invoice from being paid twice, and will indicate that the invoice has been paid if another person follows the link after payment has been made.

The contract will be sent to the same email address that receives bi-weekly newsletters from the school.  If you haven’t been receiving them, or to double check, please send your correct email address to gro.l1553079801oohcs1553079801anocn1553079801a@rar1553079801tsige1553079801r1553079801.
No. The deposit is a flat fee.

Services such as Middle School Athletics fees, After School fees, and additional donations will be added to your tuition payments on SmartTuition.

As each parent signs the online contract, he or she will receive an email confirmation that the contract is signed.  Once the invoice has been paid, the email provided while paying the invoice will receive a receipt email entitled “The Ancona School, Enrollment Transaction Receipt”.  This email confirms that the student’s spot at Ancona has been secured.

Data Streamlining

No! Returning parents will no longer be required to do an Annual Information Refresh (previously known as “registration”.)  Instead, emergency contacts, authorized pickups, address and contact information, and physician contact information will be listed directly on the contract for review. You will not be able to edit this information directly; we ask that you send any corrections to gro.l1553079801oohcs1553079801anocn1553079801a@rar1553079801tsige1553079801r1553079801

Medical Information

We ask parents to answer “yes” or “no” to whether their child has allergies, asthma, seizures, medications, or diabetes so that the front desk staff and/or nurse can follow up appropriately if we do not also receive the associated action plan or form (found on our health page). 

New Parents

After completing contracts, parents of new students will receive an electronic “New Student Registration Form” that collects information such as emergency contact, authorized pickups, address and contact information. The form asks if there are siblings who already attend Ancona, and allows parents to opt to use the same information for the new student.

Parents who are new to the school can also expect an application to enroll in SmartTuition, our tuition collection software. More information can be found on the New Parent Guide.

Parents who enroll later in the spring, outside of the regular cycle, may miss valuable information and meeting their cohort of other new parents. Not to worry! The Admissions department prepares you for the first day of school and meeting other parents who can mentor you into this terrific school.

Most new student contracts will be issued on March 10 2017, and will be due March 17 2017.  Due dates will be specified on the contracts that are issued.

Other Questions

No. For P3 and P4,  “School Day” contracts will be issued unless a parent has requested that their child be in the half-day program for the upcoming year. If the choice needs to be switched, please contact the business office to request that you be issued a new contract with the correct choice.
For technical reasons, we do not display employer and job description information on the contract for review. If your job has changed and you have new contact information, please inform us by emailing gro.l1553079801oohcs1553079801anocn1553079801a@rar1553079801tsige1553079801r1553079801.
By default, we list each parent name, address, cell number, home number, and email in the online family directory. If you would like to customize how your cell, home or email is listed, please send an email to gro.l1553079801oohcs1553079801anocn1553079801a@rar1553079801tsige1553079801r1553079801 with your request.
Yes.  Please fill out and return any relevant forms found on the health page.

Also, please be sure to re-enroll in the SmartTution program for the upcoming school year using these instructions.

Just as our paper enrollment contracts had a due date, so will the electronic enrollment contracts. However, once the due date has passed on the electronic contracts, you will not be able to sign them. In order to secure a spot contract must be signed by March, 1 2017

If you miss the due date, you will need to contact  *protected email*"" class="mail-link" data-wpel-link="ignore"> Tricia Erington  to request a new contract.  A new contract will only be sent if there is still space and a late fee of $375 will be assessed.

If your family is receiving Tuition Assistance, the final award will appear in the Enrollment Contract. There will no longer be a Final Tuition Award Agreement.