Our new curriculum guide gives current and prospective community members an opportunity to look at what we teach, and how we teach, at each of our different grade levels. The curriculum guide provides an aerial view of learning at Ancona in all of our disciplines—providing a clear picture of how teaching and learning is constructed at our school. This guide is intended to be a living document that will evolve with the ever-changing needs of our students. Our commitment to responsive education rooted in the whole child is one of our greatest strengths as a school. Our guide provides an elucidated view of how content and pedagogy intersect to ensure Ancona students are equipped to transform the world around them.

At Ancona, we believe children are innately curious and creative learners, and that the teacher’s role is to help transform the energy they bring to school into a force that can move the world. Because our goal is to empower children to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable world, we keep these values at the heart of everything we do while assuring that children develop the understandings, competencies, and strategies they need to thrive as life-long learners and agents of change.

We maintain that all disciplines of study contribute significantly to the intellectual, emotional and physical well-being of children: engaging in scientific inquiry, developing an aesthetic sensibility, mathematizing the world, being literate in every sense of the word, and leading a healthy lifestyle are all equally important. We also hold that these disciplines are best developed through integrated, contextualized and experiential learning experiences. Through these approaches to learning students become aware of the big ideas that run through the various subject areas and become able to approach real-world problems both critically and collaboratively.

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