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At the Ancona School, we value  courage and curiosity, creative and critical thinking, character and confidence – and the power of learning. Students here learn to take responsibility for their own learning and for helping their fellow students along the way. Our families value the idea of helping others. We hope that our students work towards social justice and peace, and one way to do that is for each of us to be generous toward organizations about which we are passionate. If you feel that Ancona is helping create a more tolerant and peaceful community, please give generously. And if you don’t, our Director of External Affairs wants to hear from you. Help us move in the right direction.


Donate to the Annual Fund


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If 100% of Ancona families gave what they could to our Annual Fund, we would be able to find support from the larger community. Every gift helps, because it demonstrates one more family that agrees with the ideal that a more socially just world requires each of us to help others.


For questions about the Annual Fund, please contact Angie Martinez, Director of External Affairs, at 773.322.1723.

What Does The Annual Fund Support?


The Annual Fund supports enriching experiences that take our students out of the classroom and immerse them in Chicago and beyond. From City Quest to Oaxaca. From camping in the Adirondacks to demonstrating philanthropy at El Valor Daycare Center. These experiences and many others are designed to offer students unforgettable lessons in thinking for themselves while supporting their peers and contributing to their community.


Our faculty continuously challenge themselves to keep Ancona fresh, relevant and inspired. The teachers here seek to learn themselves, both from outside experts and from the children and parents who make up the Ancona Community. The Annual Fund makes it possible for our outstanding faculty to participate in workshops, programs and summer classes.


The Ancona School receives no financial support from government or other public funding sources. We value all the students we have at Ancona – many of them rely on financial aid to be able to attend the school. Your generous support to the Annual Fund helps to make this possible.

Why Do I Support the Annual Fund?

“Our family has been a part of the Ancona community for 13 years, but for the first several years, we did not support Ancona’s Annual Fund. Why not? Honestly, we did not think the school needed our money – beyond a large tuition payment. We also didn’t grow up in households that gave money away! As we got more involved with the school, we saw how many great things at Ancona were made possible because of the generosity of other families. These families felt strongly about seeing Ancona reach its full potential and donated to help realize that potential. Simply put: contributions of all sizes were a huge reason Ancona was able to do great things. Furthermore, we learned that the number of Ancona families donating to the Annual Fund directly affects Ancona’s ability to raise money from outside funders.

One of the points on our family’s mission statement reads: ‘Using our time, talent, and treasure to support causes we believe are important; including spiritual, social, and political causes.’ For us, supporting Ancona’s Annual Fund is our chance to continue the spirit of generosity we’ve seen from others. It is also following through on our family commitment to supporting an institution that is helping us raise the type of young men that we hoped we’d have when our journey at Ancona started so long ago.”

– Keith & Natasha Bevans

“This is my sixth year teaching at Ancona and January 9th will mark my first day as an Ancona parent. What I value most about Ancona is the relationships I have with my colleagues, my students, and their families. Every day, my students motivate me with their wit, insight, and empathy. My colleagues wow me with their dedication, compassion, and brilliance. Ancona parents inspire me by creating authentic relationships with their children and engaging them in rich conversations about the world.

My relationships with parents here have taught me so much about the kind of parent I want to be, and how I can raise a child who is inquisitive, passionate, and committed to advocacy. I have participated in the Annual Fund every year I have been here as a way to show my support for this community and the important work that goes on here. For me, a small gift is a way of voting with my dollars for what I think Ancona represents- diversity, critical thinking, empathy, and engagement with the world.”

-Liz Iverson

“The decision to send our children to Ancona has restored joy not only to our children’s education, but to our family life. Seeing our children excited about school has completely changed the tenor of our home. In the morning, when we drop them off at Ancona, we know that each day is a tapestry woven of play and challenge, rich experiences alone and with friends, and freedom of choice as well as prescribed activities.

Everything I see and hear about their Ancona education shows that our children are being fed intellectually, emotionally, artistically, physically, and spiritually, in the classroom and by the open-minded and supportive community of which we are now a part. We are honored to give to the Annual Fund so that Ancona can invest in its own growth, and so that another family can invest in their child.”

 – Keesha Beckford and John T. Creel