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Apply to Ancona

The Application Process

Prospective Families – Complete the “Start the Application Process” Form

This form (above) is the first step in our admissions process, and is required of all families that are interested in joining the Ancona learning community.  

If you have more than one child applying, this form only needs to be completed for one child. You can apply for additional siblings on the Admissions Progress page using the “Apply Another Child” button. 

Having difficulty? Please email gro.l1569103860oohcs1569103860anocn1569103860a@sno1569103860issim1569103860da1569103860

Current family applying for an additional child?

Skip the above form, and instead log into your My Ancona account and click on the “Apply” button on the Resources page. 

Attend an Admissions Open House or Schedule a Quick Tour

We ask that all families interested in Ancona join us at an admissions event. Admissions events are scheduled throughout the school year. If you are unable to attend one of our events, please email gro.l1569103860oohcs1569103860anocn1569103860a@sno1569103860issim1569103860da1569103860 and we will be happy to arrange a quick tour of the school. 

Complete the Online Admissions Application ($85 fee)

Upon completing the initial inquiry form (above), you will have a username automatically created in our online application system. You will receive an email that contains instructions for setting up your account and completing your application. 

Attend Student Visit and Parent Interview

Interviews are an important part of the admissions process. All prospective families are required to complete two different types of interviews.

Student Visit: Prospective students are asked to join our classroom on specified dates. The point of this visit is for the teachers to assess the emotional and academic readiness of the student. This part of the process is important in helping to gather the best picture of the child as a student.

Parent Interview: Prospective parents are asked to join the Admissions Officer in a detailed conversation. This is an opportunity for both the Admissions officer and prospective parents to ask intimate questions that were not mentioned in previous visits (Open Houses, etc).

Scheduling Interviews: Admissions interviews during the regular admissions season are scheduled in January. Because the interview season is extremely busy, we ask prospective families to do their best to keep their interview date and time. Applicants are assigned to a class for student interviews and scheduled with the Director of Admissions on the same date as the parent interview. The time of the visits and interviews varies based on the grade applied. Pre-primary (3 years- Kindergarten) student visits are approximately 30 minutes long, 1st grade visits are approximately 2 hours long and grades 2-8 are full day visits. All parent interviews are between 30-45 minutes in length.

Admissions Decisions

After the student visit and parent interview, the admissions committee meets to discuss a final admissions decision. Once a decision is made, the admissions committee releases a final decision letter to the prospective family.

Enrollment Contract

If an offer of “Acceptance” is given to a prospective family, an enrollment contract will be issued. An electronic contract will be sent via email to both parents (if applicable). Both parents are expected to sign the contract before a student is officially enrolled at The Ancona School.