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12 08, 2015

This Week at Journeys: Last Parents’ Afternoon & Raging Waves

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¡Hola! Tomorrow (8/13) is our last PARENTS’ AFTERNOON! Our fiesta begins at 1:30 p.m. with performances, piñatas, guacamole, salsa, and fruit salad all prepared by the campers. Also, on Friday we will be leaving Ancona at 9:00 a.m for Raging Waves. Please arrive on time with your swimsuit on and bag packed for a fun last day of camp.  Call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have.


7 08, 2015

Spanish in the City Week 1

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Buenas Tardes! Good Afternoon! As the first week of Spanish in the City winds down, it is time for us to reflect on how this beautiful language came to life. We danced liked skeletons from the Day of the Dead, created bark paintings and corn husk dolls, made our own tortillas, and  traveled to Pilsen to explore the local art and culture. It was yet another packed week here at Journeys. Here are our specialists with a few words to describe the week:


Spanish with Claudia Hernandez:

Finally, our Spanish in the city journey! We are so excited to learn new words and explore the influence of another culture in our own community. Summer camp is all about getting your hands dirty, and trying new things while learning and growing. This week at camp, we combined all these as we discussed Mexican Amate bark paintings, compared the small rural communities in those paintings with our own community and created our own Amate bark inspired pictures. In our own creations, we recreated our neighborhood while learning new Spanish vocabulary words to name those everyday places. We had a blast on our City Quest to Pilsen. There we visited the National Museum of Mexican Arts, explored some of the neighborhood murals, and ate some treats at one of the local Mexican style bakeries. Speaking of delicious goodies, we also learned about the importance of corn in Latin American cuisine. We analyzed the symbolism of ancient stelaes from Mayan, Aztecs and Incan civilizations and made our own stelae with corn seeds. Lastly, we also learned and enjoyed making eating some delicious tortillas!

Arts Integration with Ellyzabeth Adler:

Hola!  We have been having a fun start to Spanish in the City.  The kids have started to learn a Dia de los Muertos dance, began to learn flamenco and build a piñata for our fun family day!  We’ve learned about Machu Picchu and the wonders of how the city was built.  Many of our activities and lessons this session will focus on working together in mixed age groups.  Looking forward to seeing you all at Family Day!



Swim Instruction with Coach Taye:

It’s hard to believe Ancona Summer Journey is almost over.  As we wind down campers continue to work hard on improving their form and endurance in the water.  To varying degrees, with or without all support, campers have covered: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, treading and floating.  In honor of our last week of camp, next week will be all fun and games.

You can expect the last week of camp to be just as full, if not more. The campers will be cooking, dancing, singing, exploring and making. On Wednesday’s City Quest (8/12), we will walk to the Windy City Harvest Market at the Washington Park Farm Stand. Thursday (8/13)  is our last Parents’ Afternoon. Join us from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. for a fiesta of fun. There will be food, music, dance, piñatas and an art exhibit. To conclude our week, Friday’s Field Trip (8/14)  is at Raging Waves.  As always, please email or call us with any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend and see you Monday!


6 08, 2015

This Week at Journeys: Oakwood Beach

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Hola Spanish in the City families! This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow’s Field Trip is at the beach. We will walk along the lake to Oakwood Beach around 9:30 a.m. and spend the day playing and swimming. Please make sure your camper arrives with their swimsuit on and their backpacks packed for the beach. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, towel, water bottle, lunch, change of clothes and if you’d like, beach toys.


31 07, 2015

Reporting the City: Week 2

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That’s a wrap! Reporting the City has come to a close. We are all very impressed with each and every camper. Everyone took their jobs as investigative journalists very seriously. Can you believe that papa Bear tried to frame Goldilocks? Well done to the reporters of Fairy Tale World News for solving and reporting the truth. W.A.M. News is now my new favorite podcast. I am looking forward to their next post. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend Parents’ Afternoon. The campers worked hard all these past two weeks to put on a to impress you all. Also, special thank you to all the guests who stopped by at Ancona or who allowed our campers to visit them. You inspired so many of them.


Next week, our fourth and final journey begins. Leading Spanish in the City is Claudia Hernandez of Lango, Foreign Language for Kids. Claudia will immerse the campers in Spanish language through visual arts, culinary arts, and music. She will also help campers to discover the Spanish culture that currently exists within Chicago. Next week, Wednesday’s City Quest (8/5) will take place at the National Museum of Mexican Art. Friday’s Field Trip (8/7) will take place at 12th Street Beach. Please have your camper come appropriately prepared for each trip.


“So long, Farewell, We hate to Say Goodbye…” to all those campers moving on from Journeys. We hope you had a blast and that you enjoy the rest of your summer.  We hoped you had a blast. Welcome to all the new campers joining us for our final Journey. Please email or call us with any questions and concerns you may have. New campers should note that Tuesday and Thursdays are our designated swim days. Have a great weekend!!



27 07, 2015

This Week at Journeys: Parents’ Afternoon

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It’s the last week of Reporting the City. The campers are hard at work to prepare for Parents’ Afternoon this Thursday, 7/30. Join us at 1:30 p.m. for the campers’ final news presentations and share stories around the campfire. Snacks will be provided.

If you cannot attend we will make sure to document projects and presentations to share with you online, on paper and through pictures. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Hope to see you Thursday!



17 07, 2015

Looking Forward to Reporting the City

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We welcome back existing and new campers to Journeys. Our next two weeks will turn campers into investigative journalists. Next week, our Wednesday City Quest (7/22) takes us to the Oriental Institute Museum and Friday’s field trip takes us to Vertical Endeavors (7/24). We will be sending campers home Monday with a waiver from Vertical Endeavors, which will allow them to climb. We ask you to complete this waiver and return it to your counselor by Thursday, 7/23. New campers, please come to camp each day with lunch, water, sunscreen, bug spray, and gym shoes. If you have any other questions regarding your camper’s first day, please call or email us.

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17 07, 2015

Swim Instruction with Coach Taye

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This week’s swim lessons focused on ways you can be on your back in the water: backstroke, elementary backstroke, finning (small arm and leg movements) and floating. Beginning students practiced their explorations with hands-on teacher support. Intermediate students used a combination of independent kick board work, while advanced students continued to practice their skills independently in the deep end.

“Don’t Just Pack It, Wear Your Jacket” was one of the week’s water safety topics. Students learned that life jackets not only keep you afloat, their bright colors make you easy to spot so help can get to you quickly if you’re in trouble.



17 07, 2015

Arts Integration with Ellyzabeth Adler

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Thank you parents for a wonderful week of Eco Camp creating and exploring. Our younger campers performed an amazing dance inspired by the book Giraffes Can’t Dance and the older group made puppets for an adaptation of Down by the Cool of the Pool. If you haven’t seen the colorful windows as you walk by the school, take a moment to do so. They were created out of old lighting gels. We cut them into shapes and made some very beautiful art!


image2 (2)

17 07, 2015

Greening with Amy McFadden

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During the second week of Eco Camp students continued to explore The Big Four: water, sun, soil, and air. The week concluded with our Wind Turbine lesson. We discussed power vs. energy and we discussed concepts such as voltage, current, and resistance. Students engineered and designed blades for our wind turbine and they tested the blades by measuring the rotations with a multimeter without resistance. Earlier in the week students explored the impact of oil spills on wildlife. We also compared stages of compost and continued to use the solar ovens on both sunny and cloudy days. Eco camp wraps up this afternoon with a final comparison of the seeds that students planted on July 6th.


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17 07, 2015

Greening the City: Week 2

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Greeting Journeys Families! Can you believe that our second Journey, Greening the City, is coming to a close? Our last week focused on completing our final projects. Wednesday’ City Quest to Chicago Wisdom Project’s Food Forest was fascinating. The campers were able to get their hands dirty and participate with the community there. It was great opportunity to learn about giving back. Thank you to all the parents who were able to make it to Parents’ Afternoon. We were so impressed with how the campers worked together to assemble their Eco Science Fair. Not to mention how well the groups performed their puppet show and dance. It really has been a fabulous two weeks and we’re sad to see some campers move on for the rest of their summers. We hope that you’ve enjoyed your summer at camp so far! Here are our specialists with extra words about the week:



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