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18 03, 2015

Oaxaca 2015: Culture de Oaxaca

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IMG_4738_webAfter their Spanish immersion classes, Ancona 8th graders took a local bus to the Santa Domingo Cultural Center of Oaxaca. The Cultural Center features the most baroque architecture found in Mexico. A former convent, it also houses some of Mexico’s historically treasured artifacts, ancient books, art and a picturesque Ethnobotanical Garden in the area that was once occupied by the convent’s orchards.

IMG_4770_web               IMG_4753_web
Our students discussed the indigenous people of Oaxaca and reflected on their 8th grade cultural studies in Art, Spanish and Humanities. They are given assignments before they leave geared specifically towards the cultural and educational trips they will take this week.

IMG_4791_webDocumentarian and Ancona 8th grader, Meg Neumann captured artifacts and student observations.

 IMG_4805_web       IMG_4832_web
Views captured from inside the Cultural Center.

IMG_4839_webAncona 8th graders introduced themselves to a local group of students at the Museum for a field trip.

16 03, 2015

Oaxaca 2015: La Escuela Está En Sesión

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The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca is Oaxaca’s oldest and most established language schools. They immerse students in the beauty of the Spanish language with an emphasis on understanding all aspects of the wonderfully diverse Oaxacan culture. Our 8th graders were dropped off this morning by their host families for Day One of immersion!








Ancona 8th graders enjoy a long walked down Alcalá, one of the main thoroughfares in Oaxaca. They use their Spanish skills to speak with the local artisans and street vendors. They are encouraged to be keen observers by their group leaders. They are guided to embrace not only what they see and hear, but pay special attention to how they feel about this experience for later reflection with the larger group.

Day2_1.6Students gather for their orientation meeting and review of the week’s classes,
activities and cultural excursions. School is in session!

15 03, 2015

Bienvenido Oaxaca

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After touching down in Mexico City, students are encouraged to know that their final destination
is only 45 minutes away via one more flight. It’s becoming very real!


Ancona’s confident risk takers are ready to take on Oaxaca! Immersion begins pronto.


Ancona’s class of 2015 arrive safely in Oaxaca, Mexico for their highly anticipated 8th grade trip . Shortly after retrieving their bags, they are greeted by their host families at the aeropuerto. This educational expedition is a culmination of the experiential, authentic education we offer children for eleven years of their young lives. Check back for updates on their experience and visit our Ancona School facebook page for uncut footage and photos.

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