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The new My Classrooms site provides a means for teachers to create powerful classroom websites to communicate with both parents and students. It can show both parents and students a list of upcoming homework assignments, and it even allows students to turn in homework online.

Start by visiting the My Classrooms sign in page. All parents have been set up with an account that is linked to each child enrolled at Ancona. The username is the same as it is with My Registrar, which generally matches the pattern of your first name “dot” your last name, e.g. barack.obama. In your welcome email, you should have received a temporary password. If you no longer have it, you can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot your password” link directly below the “sign-In” button. This will allow you to enter the email address you have on file, and will both let you know your “username” and let you reset your password. If that fails, please call the school to reach out for help.Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.33.51 AM
Over the summer, homeroom/advisory and a few other classes are visible.  Several more classes will be added before the year starts as the student groupings are finalized and students are added to rosters.  My Classrooms is designed to be dynamic; it will be updated constantly by the teachers, and you will be able to keep close tabs on what is happening in the classroom throughout the year by continuing to visit.
New! As a parent, you can now view the content of most classes, even for classes in which your child is not enrolled. The “Tutorials & Links” portion located on the right side of the My Classrooms landing page (which you see whenever you sign in) has a list of links to all of the classes that you can preview. This is useful for parents who want to get a sneak preview of what future classrooms have in store.  There are also “Extras” pages which include the Landscape of Learning page, the Ancona Tech page, and the Family Directory page. 
In most cases, teachers will notify you via email when there is an announcement important to parents.  However, for those of you who would like to keep tabs on the details of your child’s classroom, you can set up your account to get notified when certain events happen, such as an assignment being handed in or handed back to your child.  When you first sign in, you will be given the opportunity to specify if your “My Notifications” settings.  You can also get there anytime while you are signed in by visiting this account settings link
The information you enter in “My Information” will be made available only to Ancona teachers and staff, not students or other parents.  This information does NOT yet “sync” with our main database, so it is important that you let us know of any changes to your contact info by sending an email to gro.1550668149loohc1550668149sanoc1550668149na@ra1550668149rtsig1550668149er1550668149. We will then make sure that your record is updated in all of the appropriate spots. 
Currently, information is not “synced” automatically, and the school manually updates your email address on both sites when you make a request by sending an email to gro.1550668149loohc1550668149sanoc1550668149na@ra1550668149rtsig1550668149er1550668149.
Students 3rd grade and up will be introduced to My Classrooms during the first week of school, and will be taught how to log in and use the site using their school assigned Google Apps accounts.  Younger students will not directly log into the classroom sites, and will rely on parents and teachers to give them access as needed. 
Parents get a window into student learning, but there are certain details that are hidden.  This page has a complete grid with details. 
Ancona teachers and the administration carefully consider which tools to use.  We have chosen not to use grades, attendance, and certain other types of assessments that are available with this tool.