PSAs, Ofrendas, and Editorials

Written by Ryann and Thomas, Ancona Students

This year in 7th and 8th grade, we have been working on activism within editorials, PSAs (public service announcements) projects using Imovie , and ofrendas. Some of the projects for the ofrendas (offerings or alters), PSAs, and editorials covered animal cruelty, the environment, war, refugees, racism, sexism, and rights.

With the PSAs, we all took on environmental problems, and researched how to fix them. Some of us got inspiration from the trips that we have taken. We went to Wolf Lake, a forest preserve near Indiana. Then the weekend after that we left for Camp Chingachgook, a camp in the middle of a forest and on Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains. We saw a lot of clean water, healthy trees, and beautiful nature. We don’t see that much in Chicago.

And with the editorials, we all chose subjects that mattered to us, and wrote about them, after we spent a month studying them. We discussed a lot of controversial issues, and after making a long list of them we choose our topics. So the two project were very similar. Editorials are basically when you have a two-sided problem and you write about what side you’re on. It’s your opinion backed up with facts.

We also made ofrendas, and some were about pressing issues in our society. Ofrendas come from Mexican history, for Day of the Dead, where people give offerings on a 3 leveled structure, each standing for heaven, earth, and the underworld. The four elements are represented on it. (Earth, air, fire, water). Usually, the offerings have something to do with a loved one that you have lost, or something that has a big meaning to you. Most of the ofrendas we made were about a single subject, or rights. So all of these projects walked hand in hand in our first quarter of school.

In the end we had a lot of fun working on these projects. We all got fired up on topics we grew to care a lot about. We added a lot of information, describing the details, why we chose the topics, and what we could do.

Click below to watch Kelsey and Sophia’s PSA on Littering: