honest conversation.fwJoin us for the next Honest Conversations meeting Sunday, Nov. 222-4 p.m. at the home of an Ancona family. This year, our focus is on the concept of Privilege.

Privilege is a loaded term that initially brings to mind images of wealth and power.  However, privilege also includes the unearned (and often unconscious) advantages we all enjoy to some extent, depending on our education, country of birth, sex, gender, race, physical appearance, physical ability, home language, etc. Pick up photocopied articles that we will use for the November meeting at the main office.

What is Honest Conversations?
Honest Conversations grew out of Ancona’s first Diversity Symposium and is a parent-organized group that meets bi-monthly to discuss the challenges we face raising thoughtful children in a diverse society. Observing that even at our progressive and multicultural school, certain conversations were difficult and certain subjects seemed taboo, four Ancona parents led a round table discussion about the challenges that continued to face us fifty years after the school’s founding.

All families are welcome to attend. Discussions are interesting, fun, and a great way to meet other parents. Children who accompany parents to the meeting will be provided a safe space to play while the adults talk. Join us!
Please RSVP to Ancona parent, Jana French at