Meet Team Ancona

We are an inspired team of committed individuals who work hard to make the Ancona School an extraordinary educational experience. We continuously look to cutting-edge thinking and best practices in progressive education to keep Ancona fresh, relevant, and inspired. We are driven by curiosity, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity— just like our students!

<b>Nancy Nassr</b>
Nancy NassrHead of School
<b> Baba Adeyemi</b>
Baba AdeyemiFacilities
<b>Melanie Ahmad</b>
Melanie AhmadDirector of Admissions
<strong>Greg Andricopulos</strong>
Greg AndricopulosChief Financial Officer
<b>Wayne Baldwin</b>
Wayne BaldwinMusic Teacher
<b>Heather Black-Alexander</b>
Heather Black-AlexanderHead Teacher, 3rd and 4th Grade
<strong>Yaritxa Banuelos</strong>
Yaritxa BanuelosPreprimary Assistant Teacher
<strong>Rachel Bomher</strong>
Rachel BomherLearning Specialist
<strong>Hannah Breed</strong>
Hannah BreedWorld Language and Culture Teacher - Spanish
<b>Tayé Brown</b>
Tayé BrownAthletics Director and PE Teacher
<strong>Jennifer Coleman</strong>
Jennifer ColemanFacilities Director
<b>Johanna Colon-Lopez</b>
Johanna Colon-LopezWorld Language and Culture Teacher—Spanish
<strong>Kira Dault</strong>
Kira DaultDirector of Marketing and Communications
<b>Patricia Erington</b>
Patricia EringtonBusiness Manager
<strong>Ainsley Fleetwood</strong>
Ainsley FleetwoodPreprimary Head Teacher
<b>Luis Flores</b>
Luis FloresFacilities
<b>Angela Ford</b>
Angela FordArt Teacher, P3-4th Grade
<b>Jerome Garner</b>
Jerome GarnerPreprimary Extended Day Teacher
<b>Tony Gleason</b>
Tony GleasonSchool Counselor
<b>Janet Gray-McKennis</b>
Janet Gray-McKennisHead Teacher, 3rd and 4th Grade
<b>Dave Hamlett</b>
Dave HamlettFacilities
<b>Elizabeth Hamlett</b>
Elizabeth HamlettMusic Teacher
<strong>Meagan Harlow</strong>
Meagan HarlowInterim Student Support Team Division Head
<b>Jenny Hempel</b>
Jenny HempelHead Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade
<b>Liz Iverson</b>
Liz IversonHead Teacher, 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
<strong>Kait Kumar</strong>
Kait KumarSchool Nurse, COVID Leader
<b>Peggy Malone</b>
Peggy MaloneHead Teacher, Preprimary
<b>Angie Martinez</b>
Angie MartinezAssistant Director of External Affairs—Advancement
<b>Taylor Mock</b>
Taylor MockOffice Manager
<strong>Sarah Noonan</strong>
Sarah NoonanHead Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade
<b>Mary Nwabueze</b>
Mary NwabuezeAccountant
<strong>J.D. Pirtle</strong>
J.D. PirtleMiddle School Art Teacher and Advisor
<b>Luca Prazeres</b>
Luca PrazeresAssistant Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade
<b>Yolita Ray</b>
Yolita RayAssistant Teacher, Preprimary
<strong>Jozsef Raduly</strong>
Jozsef RadulyMiddle School Science and Math Teacher and 7/8 Advisor
<strong>Jenilynn Redila</strong>
Jenilynn Redila5th and 6th Grade Science and Math Teacher and Advisor
<b>Bert Rice</b>
Bert RiceAssistant Teacher, 3rd and 4th Grade
<b>Ivan Rice</b>
Ivan RiceAssistant Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade
<b>Jerome Shannon</b>
Jerome ShannonDirector of Auxiliary Programs
<b>Alisa Smith</b>
Alisa SmithHead Teacher, 5th and 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
<b>Marsha Stewart</b>
Marsha StewartLibrarian
<b>Jon Stoper</b>
Jon StoperDirector of Technology
<b>Ronda Tolbert</b>
Ronda TolbertPreprimary Head Teacher
<b>Chris Weber</b>
Chris WeberOutdoor Learning Educator
<strong>Delia West</strong>
Delia WestAssistant Teacher, 3rd/4th Grade
<b>Rodney Williams</b>
Rodney WilliamsTechnology Integration Coordinator