Meet Ancona’s Faculty and Staff

We are an inspired team of committed individuals who work hard to make the Ancona School an extraordinary educational experience. We believe that passion has no textbook and neither does life. We continuously look for cutting-edge thinking and best practices in education to keep Ancona fresh, relevant and inspired. Just like our students, we allow curiosity and collaboration to lead us towards our goals and critical decision making. We too strive to never lose the power of thinking critically and creatively – truly inspired by the genius of the children who enter our doors each day!


Faculty and Staff

Nancy Nassr
Head of School
773.924.2356 Ext. 253
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Alisa Smith
Head Teacher, 5th/6th Language Arts and Social Studies
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Angela Ford
Art, P3-4th Grade
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Angie Martinez
Assistant Director of Institutional
773.924.2356 Ext. 223
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Ayanna Savage
Director of Finance and Operations
773.924.2356 Ext. 238
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Bert Rice
Assistant Teacher, 3rd/4th Grade
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Chris Weber
Outdoor Learning Educator
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Christiane Westhelle
Head Teacher, World Language K-4th Grade
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Elaine Wackerly
Director of Institutional Advancement — External Affairs
773.924.2356 Ext. 226
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Elizabeth Hamlett
Email Elizabeth

Ellen Cole
Head Teacher, Preprimary
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Heather Black-Alexander
Head Teacher, 3rd/4th Grade
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Ivan Rice
Assistant Teacher, 1st/2nd Grade
Email Ivan

Jacki Neistat
Dean of Student Services
773.924.2356 Ext. 248
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Jane Paha
Head Teacher, Preprimary
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Janet Gray-McKennis
Head Teacher, 3rd/4th Grade
Email Janet

Janet Musich
Art, 5th-8th Grade
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Jenny Hempel
Head Teacher, 1st/2nd Grade
Email Jenny

Jerome Shannon
Director of Auxiliary Programs
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Johanna Colon-Lopez
World Language, 5th-8th Grade
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John Peña
Facilities Manager
773.924.2356 Ext. 220
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Jon Stoper
Director of Technology
773.924.2356 Ext. 228
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Kathy Yates
Learning Specialist
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Katrina Pommerening
Head Teacher, 7th/8th Mathematics and Science
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Liz Iverson
Head Teacher, 7th/8th Language Arts and Social Studies
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Marsha Stewart
Email Marsha

Mary Nwabueze
Staff Accountant
773.924.2356 Ext. 247
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Mary Wickramasekera
Assistant Teacher, Preprimary
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Melanie Ahmad
Director of Admissions and Enrollment
773.924.2356 Ext. 227
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Moira Geary
Assistant Teacher, Preprimary
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Patricia Erington
Business Manager
773.924.2356 Ext. 229
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Peggy Malone
Head Teacher, Preprimary
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Rachel Bomher
Learning Specialist
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Rachel Esser
Marketing and Communications Manager
773.924.2356 Ext. 224
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Rodney Williams
Technology Coordinator
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Sarah duPont Noonan
Head Teacher, 1st/2nd Grade
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Scott Roberts
Assistant Teacher, 3rd/4th Grade
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Sylvia Glassco
Head Teacher, 5th/6th Mathematics and Science
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Taffener Smith
Office Assistant
773.924.2356 Ext. 221
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Tayé Brown
Athletics Director and Physical Education Teacher
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Taylor Mock
Office Managerl
773.924.2356 Ext. 236
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Tony Gleason
School Counselor
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Wayne 'Mr. B' Baldwin
General & Instrumental Music
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Yolita Ray
Assistant Teacher, Preprimary
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