Dear Parents,

We look forward to seeing many of you at our Middle School Social Justice Data Fair this Friday! The Social Justice Data Fair is a great example of how we integrate learning from across the curriculum into one comprehensive project driven by student interest.  

After students select a topic rooted in a social justice issue, they are then prompted to generate a research question that explores the issue. For example, students might explore gender equality, incarceration rates in different countries, healthcare, environmental rights, or any number of other topics that pique a genuine interest for our learners. Students spend a good deal of time researching the topic, crafting a thesis, and then presenting their findings and solutions using mathematical models learned in class.

Initially, students learn to compare and explore numbers using percentages, compare data from different sample sizes, and investigate the relative size of numbers using pie charts. Over the years, this learning grows into a more nuanced understanding of statistical correlations and applications using scatter plots and other more complex visual representations.

The work culminates in a synthesis of the students’ learning when our student researchers prepare and present proposed solutions for tackling the issue. It’s truly an incredible learning experience for our students, combining our commitment to issues that matter with specific, content-area application. It simply should not be missed. Come help us celebrate our students and their learning by joining us this Friday!