Dear Parents,

Despite the rainy weather, we welcomed many families at an Open House today where we shared how Montessori principles, social justice, experiential learning, and community underlie our progressive approach to teaching and learning. Every time I walk prospective parents through our school, I am struck anew by our incredibly rich, holistic learning environments. Consider having your friends whose children do not attend Ancona visit one of our open houses. You are all essential conduits for sharing the richness of our school with others, and as such, our most powerful recruiters! Your voice matters. 

In other school news, we are looking forward to parent-teacher and student-led conferences next week. Conferences are a great opportunity to hear about how your child is learning and growing. Look for progress reports to be sent home at the end of this week. 

Looking ahead to the upcoming holidays, I invite you to share with me what you and your family are thankful for. For those of you observing Thanksgiving, consider sending me a photo (gro.l1544582259oohcs1544582259anocn1544582259a@rss1544582259ann1544582259) of your dinner table to share with the larger community. I find that one of the things that truly makes our school so unique is how hard-pressed you’d be to define what family looks like here at Ancona. Food is a unique and powerful way to explore intersectionality and, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, a great way to see how that intersectionality plays out on our dinner tables. What are your special sides? 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.