Dear Parents,

Welcome back from what I hope was a splendid week with your families and loved ones. We could not be more thrilled to have our students back with us. Thank you to all of the families who shared pictures of their Thanksgiving Day tables with me. I’ve included some of these lovely photos at the end of this note. Take a moment to enjoy the ways we define family, and celebrate our customs and cultures through food.

As a reminder we are currently in the midst of our annual fund. We cannot do the amazing work of educating our young people without your support. Please consider donating to the annual fund if you haven’t already. Any dollar amount counts!

Believe it or not, we only have about three weeks before our winter holiday break. Our school year is flying! As you prepare for a family vacation or just some quiet time at home, continue to engage your children in learning experiences. Keep your children’s minds “warm” over break by having them read to themselves or to you. Have them tackle a project that requires the use of multiple skill sets as a way to extend their learning from school. Think back to earlier notes where I described the importance of different types of materials in a child’s learning, and how you can utilize those things at home.