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If your child’s birthday occurs during the school year, you are welcome to celebrate in their classroom. Birthday celebrations should be fun but modest. Invitations to outside parties are only allowed in school when the child’s entire class is invited.

In the Preprimary grades, your child’s teacher will plan special activities during “line time” on the day of your child’s birthday, and you will be invited to participate. You are welcome to provide a healthy snack, beverage and/or sweet treat. In the older classrooms, the teacher will find an appropriate time in the day for a celebration.


Ancona is a secular school in which children of many religions and no religion attend. For that reason, the school does not celebrate particular religious holidays. As a feature of the multicultural curriculum, parents are invited to share important parts of their ethnic or religious upbringing and practices with a class. Older students may study the history and beliefs of various religious groups. Students may also learn the music of different groups or cultures. If you are interested in sharing some aspect of your family’s beliefs and practices, please consult your child’s teacher.

Halloween costumes are permitted on Halloween, though no props, toy weapons, masks, suggestive costumes, or any costume that could scare a 3-year old are allowed. Costumes should be appropriate for school activities (e.g., PE, recess). If not, students should bring a change of clothes. If your family’s religious observance conflicts with our Halloween assembly or the way we celebrate the day, please tell your child’s teacher so we can excuse your child’s absence.