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Camping trips expand Ancona’s opportunities for hands-on education and independent learning to an outdoor setting. These trips introduce children to the pleasures of nature and offer opportunities for learning and growth outside of an academic context. On camping trips, students learn to care for themselves away from the comforts and supervision of home. Since these trips are integral parts of the Ancona School’s educational program it is expected that all students participate.


All Ancona camping trips are chaperoned by members of our teaching faculty and administrative staff. Parents at the 3rd/4th level are invited to accompany us on the camping trip. We invite 3rd/4th grade parents to volunteer to chaperone at least once during their child’s time at that level. In an effort to promote independence and growth, parent chaperones are not allowed beginning in 5th grade.

3rd/4th Grade teachers invite parents to volunteer for camp in fall and spring. Chaperones are selected by the teachers. Camp is a time for children to build community, exercise independence, and engage in environmental education. Doctors, nurses and EMTs are always welcome.

Chaperones can expect to:

  • Be responsible for a group of children (not necessarily your own)
  • Enjoy the outdoors and “rough it” it for a few days
  • Take risks and try something new
  • Laugh and sing
  • Canoe (spring only)

Chaperone Guidelines:

  • All first-time chaperones must attend the required camping meeting.
  • To encourage independence, parents will chaperone no more than two of the four trips for their child(ren).
  • All chaperones are assigned to a group of children. The chaperone’s job is to oversee the children getting to activities on time and completing their responsibilities (i.e. getting to bed on time, setting up for a meal, cleaning the cabin). Chaperones also keep track of their groups during free times.
  • Chaperones must participate in all camp activities. On the spring camping trips, this includes canoeing. Chaperones with canoeing experience will be given preference for these trips. Spring chaperones must know how to swim and be willing to canoe.
  • Chaperones take their meals with the campers in the camp dining hall and do not leave the camp grounds during the trip.
  • Cell phones should be used primarily for emergency purposes.
  • Chaperones should not plan to conduct business during the camping trip.
  • Smoking, drinking, and the use of illegal substances are strictly prohibited during the camping trip.