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Cold Weather Mornings

When temperatures dip below 20 degrees, children who arrive before 8:05 are invited to wait in the Umeh Foyer until they may head to class.


Children go out to recess every day unless:

  • It’s raining
  • It’s exceptionally windy
  • The wind-chill factor is below 10 F°.

Even on very cold days, older children who are appropriately dressed may choose to go out for a short time. We expect that children will have appropriate clothing — hats, scarves, mittens and warm socks — for outdoor play in winter weather. It is a good idea for children to keep an extra pair of socks in school to change into after recess.

School Closings

When temperatures are severe or snow is abundant, we will weigh the advantages of keeping school open against the severity of the weather and driving conditions.

Ancona may stay open even if the public schools close and vice versa. If traffic is slow due to snow, we may announce a later opening time. When weather is threatening in the afternoon, we welcome you to pick your child up early from school.

When a family keeps their child home on a severe weather day, their absence will be “excused,” which means that it will not be counted for official reporting purposes.

In the case of a school closing, we notify families as soon as possible via text message, email and voicemail. Please see Contact Information for instructions on how to ensure your contact information is up to date.

This website (anconaschool.org) will also reflect whether the school will be closed for inclement weather.