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The online Ancona Parent Directory (housed on My Ancona) is designed to allow members of the Ancona community to easily find contact information for fellow Ancona families. You can search for students by name, homeroom, and grade level. Each student’s page displays parent contact information. Each parent’s page displays the children in their family that attend Ancona.

As a parent, you can adjust your My Ancona privacy settings to have fine-tuned control over exactly which information of yours is visible to other types of users. Student information available on the directory is limited to name, grade level, classroom, and relationship information. Only a student’s own parents and faculty and staff can see more detailed information about the student.

The information in the directory is intended for the private use of our families. Contact information should be used only for personal and school-related business. The information may not be used for parent business or advocacy, nor distributed to third parties. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

To update your address, phone number, email address, you may do so directly on your My Ancona contact card or by sending an email request to . Emergency contacts and Authorized pickups are stored in Magnus Health (see Magnus Health FAQ for details)