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Preprimary – 2nd Grade

We do not require homework of children before 3rd grade because:

  • Young children learn through concrete experiences in the environment.
  • A healthy, motivated student can learn what they need to learn during the hours spent in the classroom.
  • Children need time relaxing and playing with friends and family outside of school.

Research shows that homework for young children has no measurable effect on achievement.

This does not mean that there is no learning at home! Children can do many things that support their classroom learning, including reading and being read to, cooking, gardening, caring for pets, helping with chores, writing messages, playing at the playground, making art projects, playing with blocks, helping parents with hobbies, and talking with parents about the world.

Certain skills do require regular practice, and playing a musical instrument is one of them. First graders are expected to practice the recorder for 10 minutes a day, and by second grade, some children will benefit from brief, regular periods of practice on rote skills such as math facts. Teachers will let you know if this kind of work would be helpful.

3rd – 8th Grades

Children have classroom homework beginning in the 3rd grade. It is crucial that parents assist their children by creating appropriate study conditions in the household, and by providing ample time for the work to be completed.