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On the unusual occasion when a child becomes injured at school, a teacher or member of the administrative staff will administer standard first aid and complete an incident report. A copy of the report, describing the circumstances and the treatment, is sent home to you that day via your child. In the case of an injury requiring medical attention, we will notify you to come immediately. For this reason, it is imperative that we have your correct phone number and all emergency information on file with us at all times!

Ancona carries student accident insurance. Information regarding our policy is sent to each family in August and is printed on the reverse side of the accident report.

Incident Notification

Same Day: Parent(s) are notified of the incident by phone or in person by the reporting teacher. The incident (as known so far) is explained completely, but with great sensitivity. We will pay specific attention to answering questions and managing the relationship.

We will:

  • Explain the facts
  • Explain immediate consequences given by teacher or administration
  • Explain next steps, such as further investigation or review for additional/modified consequences
  • Offer to answer clarifying questions or arrange a conference after investigation is concluded

Notable exception: When students and teachers are off campus—such as on a field trip, at camp, or abroad—any of these steps may be slowed, however contact will be made with reasonable expediency.

Within 24 Hours of Incident Identification: Parent(s) will be notified of the facts of the incident by a printed, redacted incident summary (no student identities shown). The reporting teacher will give it in person, by email, or by post.

As Needed: Parent(s) provide follow-up when there is cause (e.g., concern by school or parents; new information revealed by investigation, or changes to consequences). When an incident is reviewed by administration, there may be additional consequences or changes to consequences

Within 5 school days of material updates to student information in the incident tracker, the reporting teacher will provide a new copy to parents, and record the communication in the incident tracker.

Ongoing: Ancona will monitor behavior related to the incident.

The Head of School is the final authority on all consequence decisions.

Additional Resources

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