Guiding Principles for a Peaceful Learning Community

Ancona School is a safe place…
for people’s feelings…
We are gentle and generous with each other.
We assume goodwill.
We treat each other with compassion.
We do not use words to wound others. We do not tease or laugh intending to hurt.
Each of us may feel comfortable expressing his/her individuality. No one is treated unfairly or disrespectfully because of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, looks, size, learning strengths or challenges.
for people’s bodies…
We do not threaten, intimidate or hurt others or touch them in ways they do not like.
for people’s stuff…
We do not take, misuse, damage or destroy the property of others or of the school.
for people’s ideas…
We listen to others without interrupting.
We speak in a respectful manner and tone.
We avoid language that is vulgar or offensive to others.
We do not laugh at others’ ideas or mistakes.
We encourage each other to express feelings and opinions without fear of interruption or retribution.
for learning…
We work together to make our school a calm and productive place for learning.
We know and follow the ground rules of the school and the classroom.
in which to grow…
Each of us is trying to become the best person that s/he can. We recognize that people can and do change.

Common Expectations for Student Behavior

To create a safe and respectful learning environment throughout the school, we have established the following expectations for student behavior in their classrooms, in the corridors and on the playground.

Getting along in the building:

  • Running, jumping and horseplay are reserved for the outdoors. In the corridors and classrooms, we walk and stay to the right.
  • Loud talk and yelling are reserved for the outdoors. In the corridors, everyone speaks quietly and only to the persons next to him/her.
  • When entering the school building after recess, indoor behavior begins on the way to the door and when lining up. Students should enter the building only when they are calm and ready to walk and talk quietly.
  • Outerwear is kept in lockers. Hats may not be worn in the school.
  • Student work is displayed in the corridors for all to enjoy. We do not touch or lean against work that is on display.
  • Student possessions must be neatly stored in lockers or cubbies. To keep our school clean and attractive, everyone should pick up trash whenever they see it.
  • Eating takes place only in the classrooms and only as allowed by the teachers. We do not eat in the corridors or on the playground.
  • There is no gum chewing in the school.
  • The north stairway is used as an emergency exit and for fire drills only.
  • Students are not allowed in the Teachers’ Lounge or Workroom at any time.

Getting along outside:

  • We respect the plants outside and do not pull at leaves and branches, climb in small trees, or pick cultivated flowers.
  • There are no running or ball games at arrival and dismissal times nor may children climb over or walk on the fences.
  • We do not ride bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or in-line skates in front of the school during arrival or dismissal times.
  • Snowballs are thrown only on the field.

Getting along with each other:

  • Ancona is a friendly school. Students are expected to show common courtesy by greeting and responding to adults and other students in the corridors.
  • We give others the benefit-of-the-doubt. If someone bumps you, knocks into your stuff or says something you don’t like, give him/her a chance to apologize before reacting.
  • We speak respectfully. Profanity and vulgar language are not allowed.
  • Each person’s locker or cubby is their private space. No student may search another’s locker or cubby or remove something from it. ‘
  • Unless for an approved educational purpose, students may not use cell phones during school hours. See Cell Phones and Electronic Equipment for more information.