In accordance with Ancona’s bylaws, we are hosting a Town Meeting for all members of our community, including students, parents, alumns, staff, teachers, neighbors, trustees, and anyone else who is part of our community. This meeting will focus on our new Strategic Plan, to cover the next three years, through the end of 2018.

You can preview these goals by downloading the printable PDF here. Or just come to the Town Meeting and learn about them all at once!

It overwhelms me to think of how many people and how much effort people put into getting here. Last year, dozens of individual and group meetings led to a parent survey, teacher survey, and a June board review of organizational needs. We formed a Strategic Plan Task Force over the summer that turned this massive variety of requests into a carefully organized set of specific but reasonable goals that we could attain in three years with minimal investment in our tight budget.

True to Ancona’s attention to process, the Town Meeting’s structure will cultivate conversations. First, we’ll show you the Strategic Plan. Then you’ll travel between small groups to unpack the goals and decide where you want to throw your support. We’ll reconvene so we all can hear each other’s thoughts before moving forward.


6:30 Welcome and overview
6:45 Presentations by the Strategic Plan Task Force
  • Education Program
  • Fiscal Strength
  • Tuition & Economic Diversity
  • Enrollment & Retention
  • Facilities
  • Communications
  • Community Building
  • 7:15 Breakout groups (self-guided)
  • 8:00 Q&A with Board President Keith Bevans and Head of School Ari Frede
I am deeply grateful for the investment you have made in material change for this school. Now, I ask you to join me at the Town Meeting to examine these goals and get excited about what will happen next. In the next three years, Ancona will become much more of what it wants to be, and you will be here for it!

NOTE: The time of this meeting was changed — it originally started at 6, but will actually start at 6:30.