Meet our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees ensures that the school has the resources necessary for fulfilling its mission. This includes long-range planning; policy formulation; stewardship of the school’s assets; selection and retention of, and providing counsel, to the Head of School; and representing the school in the community at large. 
<strong>Austin Bartlett</strong>
Austin BartlettCo-Founder, BartlettChen LLC
Ancona Board Chair
<strong>Elisa Reliford</strong>
Elisa Reliford
Ancona Board Vice Chair
<strong>Gustavo Bamberger</strong>
Gustavo BambergerSenior Vice President, Compass Lexecon Inc.
Ancona Board Co-Treasurer
<strong>Kapil Kumar</strong>
Kapil KumarPrincipal, GCM Grosvenor
Ancona Board Co-Treasurer
<strong>Eric Schneider</strong>
Eric SchneiderSenior Vice President of Strategy and Communication, IFT
Ancona Board Secretary
<strong>Ben Smith-Donald</strong>
Ben Smith-DonaldCo-Founder, Brer Consulting
Ancona Board Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
<strong>Nanette Harris</strong>
Nanette Harris
Ancona Board Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
<strong>Keith Bevans</strong>
Keith BevansPartner, Bain & Company
<strong>Sibyl Day</strong>
Sibyl Day
<strong>Lucila Espedido</strong>
Lucila EspedidoAttorney at Law
<strong>Yuri Kern</strong>
Yuri KernPediatric Ophthalmologist
<strong>Carmen Sallay</strong>
Carmen SallayCompliance Specialist
<strong>Jerome Weidner</strong>
Jerome Weidner
<strong>Laura Staley</strong>
Laura Staley
<strong>Paul Watford</strong>
Paul WatfordSenior Director of Finance, Silverman, PC