We continue to accept applications for the 2020-2021 Academic Year on a rolling basis, and there are still spots available in some grades. 

Welcome to our first Virtual Open House at the Ancona School. Learn about our large variety of programming – from PrePrimary Montessori Education to our High School Transition program. Then, join us for one of our Live Q&A sessions, where you can meet our Head of School, Parents, Faculty, and Board Members. 


Welcome to the Ancona School 

In the following presentation, our Head of School, Nancy Nassr, and our Director of Admissions, Melanie Ahmad, give an overview of the outstanding education the Ancona School has to offer.

Once you have viewed the presentation, please continue to view videos focusing on more specific aspects of our program, from PrePrimary classrooms to our High School selection process to our Music Curriculum, and much much more.

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PrePrimary (Ages 3 through 5)

The Ancona School PrePrimary consists of three Montessori classrooms, each with two full-time teachers. Each multiage classroom has about 25 students from age 3 through kindergarten.

Ellen Cole, our PrePrimary Division Head, gives an overview of our PrePrimary Program in the video below.

Primary (1st through 4th Grades)

The Ancona School Primary School has two multiage 1st/2nd Grade Classrooms and two multiage 3rd/4th Grade Classrooms. Each classroom has two full-time teachers and about 24 students.

Sarah Noonan, our Primary Division Head, gives an overview of Primary School at Ancona in this video.

Middle School (5th through 8th Grade)

At Ancona, Middle School is divided into two grade bands where 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade learn in both grade specific and multi-age classes. Student focus on fostering independence, responsibility and building a strong community through the lens of social justice.
Liz Iverson, Ancona’s Middle School Division Head, gives an overview of Middle School at Ancona in this video.

High School Transition (7th and 8th Grade)

At Ancona, our high school transition process begins as early as 6th grade and is tailored to each students’ own personal High School vision. We individualize the high school selection process to ensure that students have options and are able to choose learning environments that meet their own personal learning goals.

Liz Iverson, Ancona’s Middle School Division Head, gives an overview of the High School selection and transition process in the video below.

World Languages (Spanish) Program

In our World Language and Cultural Studies program, Ancona students gain a facility with the Spanish language and a familiarity with the multiple cultures that express themselves through that language—all within a context of human rights and social justice. The program weaves together lessons related to the geography, history, politics, music, art, and daily life of the Spanish-speaking world.

World Language teachers Johanna Colon-Lopez and Hannah Breed give an overview of our World Lauguage and Cultural Studies program in the video below.


The Music program is committed to developing and cultivating individual talents and practice habits in each student. We want every student who leaves our school to be able to read music, to have been exposed to a number of different styles of music, and to be able to create and enjoy music. Our main goal is to inspire a love of music in all students.

Wayne Baldwin (Mr. B.), one of Ancona’s music teachers, gives an overview of Ancona’s music program in the video below.

Physical Education & Athletics Program

Physical Education is our most direct platform for building physical literacy, which is vital to students acquiring the skills and attitudes necessary for the life-long development of healthy bodies and healthful habits. Through the P.E. program, we prepare students to move with confidence and fluency in a wide range of physical activities centered around rhythmic, recreation, fitness, and sport pursuits.

Coach Tayé Brown, Ancona’s Athletics Director and Physical Education Teacher, gives and overview of Physical Education and Athletics at Ancona in the video below.

Outdoor Education Program

The Farm, part of our unique Outdoor Learning Space, provides a rich, communal learning environment for Ancona students to explore relationships in a botanically diverse setting. Students navigate this environment independently, with peers, and with teachers and parents following Montessori principles and our curriculum, giving particular attention to the sciences. Extending learning beyond the classroom, the Farm provides students a window to the interconnectedness of life and their roles as caretakers and stewards of it.

Chris Weber, Ancona’s Director of Outdoor Education, gives an overview of outdoor education at the Ancona School in the presentation below. (Make sure your audio is on, as the presentation is voice and slides.)

Auxiliary Programs

From Before and After School to our amazing Summer Program, Ancona offers a breadth of programming beyond the school day.

Jerome Shannon, our Director of Auxiliary Programs, gives an overview of Ancona’s auxiliary programs in the video below.

Student Support at the Ancona School

Ancona is a leader in providing a thoughtful, experiential, and multicultural education to a diverse population of learners. Our population includes children with a diverse and complex array of educational needs. We support students according to their unique profiles. Our goals are to help them develop a strong academic and functional foundation and to support them in their social and emotional growth. We stay mindful of each child’s academic, emotional, and physical needs, so that all of our students become confident and independent lifelong learners.

Tony Gleason, Ancona’s Director of Counseling and Family Support, gives an overview of Student Support Services at the Ancona School in the video below.

Community at the Ancona School

When you choose a school, you are not only choosing a place to educate your children. You are also choosing a community. We work hard to cultivate a community among our parents, students, faculty, and staff that values social justice, diversity, and outstanding education. 

Elaine Wackerly, Director of External Affairs, gives an overview of our amazing community at the Ancona School in the video below.

Parent Perspective

At Ancona, you don’t have to sacrifice educational quality for the type of caring community you hope for in a school. You get both of those here.” – Eric Schneider, Ancona Parent (For his full story, see Eric’s video here.)