A Powerful Education in Thinking for Life

Critical Thinking, Social Responsibility, Diversity-Focused Academics at the Ancona School

We believe children possess the imagination and curiosity they need to explore the world, work through challenges, and embrace the power of learning. Ancona educates students to be empathetic problem-solvers and socially-responsible critical thinkers with a life-long love of learning. 

From our Montessori preschool through eighth grade, we challenge students to learn the academic and life skills they need to become engaged learners. Teachers guide students to discover deep understandings of the subjects they study and to connect their learnings to the world. Our students will not simply inherit our world; they will have the power to re-invent it.

Creating a child-centered community

At the heart of Ancona’s educational philosophy is the child. The whole child. We understand that the different and complex needs of young learners can only be met with multiple opportunities and approaches to learning: one size does not fit all. Their journey begins with a Montessori foundation that recognizes that children learn in different ways and accommodates all learning styles.

Our multi-grade classrooms are vibrant learning communities where children make choices, manage their time, ask important questions, and offer suggestions. Together with their teachers, they set meaningful goals, select relevant content, and determine appropriate standards of excellence. When children reach to attain goals they find compelling, they thrive.


Our curriculum includes a strong foundation of academic, art, music, and physical education skills within the context of hands-on activities, meaningful subject matter, and regular exploration outside the classroom. For decades, Ancona has stressed what are now called 21st Century skills: thinking critically, solving problems creatively, collaborating with others, and communicating our ideas and solutions effectively.

High School Preparation

Our graduates are highly sought after by the most competitive Chicago high schools and national colleges. Thanks to an extraordinary foundation at Ancona, they excel wherever they go and enter the world ahead of the curve.

Early Childhood

The perfect place to grow. The Montessori classroom.

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Elementary Grades

Elementary students learn together in multi-grade classrooms

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Middle School

You can tell the Ancona students; they're the ones asking questions.

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High School Prep

Ancona students enter the world ahead of the curve.

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