Preparing for the School Year

We are so excited to welcome you to Ancona for the 2021-2022 Academic Year!

We know that preparing for the upcoming school year can be overwhelming at times, so here’s a list of required steps and helpful items to help you and your student(s) get ready for the first day!

Required Steps for All Students:

  • REQUIRED: Log into the Magnus Health portal (via the My Ancona Resources page) and complete items on the “To-Do” list, which includes all required forms. To find out more, visit the Magnus Health FAQ page.

  • Be sure to update “Health Emergency Contacts” in the “Vital Health Record” in Magnus Health.

  • Once per year, you will be prompted to update you My Ancona profile as you sign in — please be sure to keep your information up to date.

  • NEW FOR 2021-22! Adjust your My Ancona notification settings to get communication updates made by teachers in My Ancona. This video demo will walk you through the process.

  • Please download this PDF of a list of email addresses that should be added to your “contacts” list so that they are not marked as SPAM.

Additional Steps for New Students/Families:

  • Fill out the New Student Profile form on My Ancona. This form is intended to collect information about siblings, grandparents, parent workplace, occupation and other demographic information such as ethnicity. Note: This form will be available within 2 weeks of signing your contract.

  • Choose how you would like to show up in the family directory. Some parents choose to upload a picture of themselves and a bio in the “About” section of thier profile. Other parents choose to limit what other parents may see about them by updating the privacy settings in My Ancona

What Communications to Expect from Ancona:

  • Your child’s assignments and class roster (to be emailed mid-August).

  • Summer letter from teachers with supply list (to be emailed after class assignments are announced).

  • Weekly newsletters starting in September. Recent newsletters and other communications can be found on the My Ancona News Recent Activity page

  • The 2021-22 Hopes and Expectations form will be reviewed by your child’s teachers before the school year begins. This form is available to parents only in August and September, and will be sent via email in mid-August.

  • A test of Ancona’s emergency notification system via email and text message in early September — you will need to “opt in” as you receive the text in order to receive similar emergency notifications that may be sent during the school year.


My Ancona

My Ancona Community Group Pages are the central spot for teachers to post content important for parents at each grade level grouping. Information includes teacher bios, contact info, announcements, and information about what’s happening in the classroom, and more!

You’ll only have access to each of your children’s grade-level groups:

Preprimary Community Group
1st/2nd Grades Community Group
3rd/4th Grades Community Group
5th/6th Grades Community Group
7th/8th Grades Community Group

Parent Resource Board, which is designed to be a portal to access information useful for Ancona parents.

Please visit the My Ancona FAQ for more details.

The best way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to Ancona’s Event and grade-level grouping specific calendars using instructions on the calendar page.

Supplemental Learning Resources
As a benefit to Ancona families, subscription sites such as World Book Encyclopedia are available to Ancona families, and can be found on the Online Student Resources page of My Ancona.

After School
Find out about our After School offerings and how to sign up.

We can’t do it without your help! Find out how you can get involved on our Volunteer page.

Family Directory
The family directory ion My Ancona s searchable by parent name, student name, grade level, or homeroom. Each July, new students become visible in the family directory, so it’s a good idea to check to make sure everything is showing up as it should. By default only student names, grade levels, homerooms, and their parental contact info is shared with other parents. You can fine-tune what information you’d like to share about yourself and your child by adjusting your privacy settings in My Ancona.

Faculty Directory
The searchable faculty directory includes all faculty and staff members at Ancona.

Need Help?
Click for a guide for who to contact at Ancona.

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Online Giving
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